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The Developers

Dr Lorraine Johnstone

LorraineLorraine Johnstone is a Consultant Clinical Forensic Psychologist at the Directorate of Forensic Mental Health (DFMH), Glasgow and Honorary Research Fellow at the Violence Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow. Lorraine has experience in conducting violence risk assessments of mentally disordered offenders being managed by mental health facilities, criminal justice agencies and those whose cases are being processed through the criminal and civil courts. She has a lead role in the development of risk policy and standards of practice for clinicians employed in DFMH. Lorraine has presented workshops on violence risk assessment to multi-disciplinary colleagues in the UK and North America. She has conducted various research studies investigating psychological phenomena relevant to understanding violence. She has presented research findings at national and international conferences and she has published over 20 book chapters, papers and monographs. Lorraine currently serves on the Editorial Board of the Issues in Forensic Psychology Series (British Psychological Society). She was awarded the Junior Award by The Division of Forensic Psychology of the British Psychological Society in 2007 and the Gillian Birrell Prize by the University of Edinburgh in 2001. 

Professor David Cooke (UK)

David CookeDavid Cooke is a Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist and former head of the Forensic Clinical Psychology service in Glasgow. He is the Professor of Forensic Clinical Psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University and a Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Bergen in Norway. He undertakes research on psychopathic disorder and violence, and is interested in the clinical application of this research to risk assessment.  He served on the Maclean Committee on serious violent and sexual offenders. He has served on the Programme Accreditation Panel of the Scottish Prison Service and a number of Home Office committees.  He is the author of over 140 scientific books, monographs, chapters and research papers. He has served on the editorial board of a number of journals including; the International Journal of Forensic, Mental Health and Criminal Behavior and Mental Health, the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology, Personality Disorder and Mental Health and Law and Human Behavior. He was an associate editor of Criminological and Legal Psychology from its inception until 2005 and a Consulting Editor for Psychological Assessment for 5 years. He is currently an associate editor of the Journal of Personality Disorders.

He has provided workshops on violence risk assessment and the assessment of psychopathy in Europe, North America and the Caribbean. He is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and the Royal Society of Edinburgh: he was awarded the Senior Award for Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to Forensic Psychology from the Division of Forensic Psychology of the British Psychological Society in 2006. He is President-Elect of the European Association of Psychology and Law.

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