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Indoor Climate and Health Research CentreThe Centre for Research on Indoor Climate and Health

The centre was established in August 2003 at Glasgow Caledonian University to coordinate work in different areas of the university and bring research closer to the community. This Centre will focus attention on the factors that determine the indoor environment (primarily in buildings but also including transportation) and the consequent affect on the health of the occupants.


The Centre staff have expertise in the following areas:

  • The indoor environment of buildings and its affect on human health - Heat and moisture transfer through building structures
  • Energy savings when buildings are insulated
  • Climate impacts on buildings and the effects of climate change, especially driving rain and flooding
  • Performance of heritage buildings
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Monitoring of allergens in buildings and identificatio of fungi, bacteri and mites
  • Prevention of biodeterioration of buildings and building materials - Distribution and significance of building pests

Further information

For more information or further enquiries about the RICH Centre please contact Pamela Tate (Tel: 0141 331 8051 (direct extension) E-mail:




Last updated: 28 October 2008