Goal 1:

Transforming lives through education

With 20,000 students, including our 5000 strong international community in Glasgow, London and at our global hubs, GCU is committed to a student experience that nurtures knowledge and creativity to address real-world global challenges, transforming the lives of our students and others.

Goal 2:

Enriching cities and communities through research

As the top modern university in Scotland by research power, GCU’s impact in key areas such as safe energy production, health, safer water and social policy is recognised at global levels. Our focused research will help people to build inclusive societies and lead healthy lives in sustainable environments.

Goal 3:

Innovating for social and economic impact

We will deliver applied research and knowledge exchange solutions to private, public and voluntary sector partners in the UK and key global markets to improve competitiveness, productivity and impact.

Goal 4:

Engaging globally

With campuses in Glasgow, London and New York, and partners in Oman, Bangladesh and Africa, we will extend our global impact and engage in new ways with learners and communities.

Goal 5:

Aligning for the Common Good

The University’s key role in the Scotland Lights Up Malawi campaign is just one example of how GCU’s active and collaborative approach towards the creation of a better, fairer world lies at the heart of Strategy 2020. Our commitment to work for the common good is brought to life by students and staff in a way that embraces, and goes beyond, the traditional role of a university.

Glasgow Caledonian University Chancellor
Professor Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Yunus is one of the world’s most influential social entrepreneurs and humanitarians. He has helped to lift millions of people out of poverty as founder of the Grameen Bank and pioneer of microlending. Professor Yunus has received more than 100 awards from 26 countries, including the US where he was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama, and later the Congressional Gold Medal, the country’s top civilian honour.

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